What are Commerce Competitors?

Commerce Competitors is a browser extension that shows profound under-the-cover bits of knowledge about stores. Basically, visit a store and tap the extension to uncover top products, apps, and trends. Commerce Competitors is accessible for Google Chrome on Mac or Windows PC.

How accurate is the information?

Like some other inspecting research tools, our estimates depend on triangulating numerous sources of information to predict income and unit sales. We are continually evolving how we mix this information together to surmise sales and income. While we can’t claim to be 100% right, our clients have reliably given us sure feedback about the correctness of our information.

Would I be able to withdraw to a store and utilize that slot for an alternate store?

Indeed, you can unsubscribe to a store 30 days after you subscribe, specifically from your Account page. This is to keep clients from always subscribing and withdrawing to stores and accordingly gaining access to more information.

In the event that you subscribe into a store in mistake and need us to unsubscribe before 30 days have passed by, just reach us.

What are benefits of Commerce Competitors?

  • Discover which items are offered on any shop
  • Discover apps and tools in any shop
  • Locate your most loved theme in any shop
  • Locate a last week’s revenue on any shop


What’s your cancellation policy??

You can cancel your membership whenever and we won’t charge you for future months. Simply reach us. Our policy does not permit us to offer discounts.