Commerce Detective Pro

Revenue Data for Unlimited Stores


Today, we are proudly introducing to the public our most premium goal “Commerce Detective Pro”. Finally, you’ll be able to see revenue generated within the past seven days for unlimited stores of your selection. We tend to conjointly introduce our Commerce Detective web app, enabling product search across all of Shopify that includes the most-requested options by our customers, our professional Pro plan is that the best-in-class tool for e-commerce businesses to take care of their competitive edge.

Advantages of Commerce Detective Pro


Check out simply many of the valuable competitive perks that our customers will get with Pro:

  • See revenue and top selling products for unlimited stores:

Unlock new options within the Chrome plugin. See the past week’s highest grossing product and storewide sales so that you can find bestselling products.

  • NEW Web App Find all shops that sell a specific product:

Search our catalog of over 300,000 stores and 20 million products for a broad term such as “leggings” or specific term such as “blackhead remover” to find every shop that sells that product.

  • Search within shops to find products in your niche:

After finding each shop that sells your product of choice, you’ll dig deeper to ascertain the revenue and units sold of every product listing during a specific store. This way, you’ll simply find new potential hits and avoid products with an excessive amount of saturation.

  • Find and learn from trending and high shops:

View our proprietary lists of bestselling and fastest-growing outlets, which can assist you quickly, learn what products and best practices are driving their success.


Check out Commerce Detective Pro today, and stay ahead of your competition!

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